Jenni Freidman

September 20 – October 20, 2013

I have long found elements of a personal narrative in the aspects of nature. It has been a constant in my work, this ability to build an autobiography from the small things I would find in the natural world around me. When my daughter was born, I was astounded when, at
once, everything and nothing changed. I began to see with different eyes, strove to find a new perspective and noticed the shifting of my gaze. Instead of looking down at shadows collected on the ground, I looked up, glanced forward and began to see beyond where I stood.
My prints and drawings now reflect that shift in view and show what I found within a canopy of leaves: an interplay between layers of foliage as they physically and conceptually affect each other. Every
layer maintains its’ own bounds while allowing pieces of the other layers to affect how each appear. 

Continuing to be inspired by flora and recently by sweets and treats, the palette of my work shifts from muted tones to vibrant hues. These prints and drawings are the evidence of a conscious journey and
search for happiness in my life and work. It is my hope that the subject matter now moves with more bounce than sway and vibrates more than languishes. This clear jump away from a historically melancholy world into a wholly celebratory place feels true. I decided to stop quietly resting in the shadows of memory and begin to walk in the light of day. I worked to leave behind the melancholic drifting and take giant steps toward celebratory dancing. 
According to Kandinsky’s notion of inner necessity, what the artist
puts into the work of art comes through to the viewer. I hope it is clear that I find real happiness in the making. Some of titles of my work honor the people and places that have and continue to bring me joy, movements or actions that make me smile, ­­and sweet flavors and candies that will brighten up anyone’s day. My mother taught me long
ago, that it is better to give then to receive. So these are for you, I hope they bring you joy.