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Historic Main Street in Torrington has a new art gallery that is highlighting emerging artists: local and afar. Five Points Gallery is a non-profit showcasing contemporary art while also offering exhibitions, education, public dialogue and exhibit openings that have been drawing big names in the art world. Recent artists who have exhibited their work include Danielle Mailer and Jennie Friedman and December’s Emerging Artist exhibit featured 20 artists on-the-rise. Five Points has established an educational consortium with UConn Torrington, Northwestern Community College and Hartford Art School, University of Hartford.

“Five Points is committed to bringing high quality visual arts to the area in the belief that the arts enlighten personal perceptions of the world even as they empower economic development.” says Executive Director Judith McElhone. She also notes the it is important that the gallery be a friendly place accessible to everyone. 

The current exhibition, “In and Of the Land” features 13 artists from 3 states.The March Exhibition will feature Ati Maier (a german artist based in both Germany and NYC, George Cochrane, a Brooklyn based artist, and Jim Lee, a HAS professor, who has recently returned from a sabbatical in Ireland. The exhibition space is open to the public from Thursday to Sunday. 

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