From the Chamber: Getting ready for the Torrington Yarn Bomb

By JoAnn Ryan
POSTED: 04/17/16, 2:00 AM EDT

The bears are in hibernation (the colorful, artistic ones) and the trains are on track, hopefully becoming more visible in our area!

Once again, thousands of residents and visitors will have the opportunity to become involved with another very unusual and exciting endeavor.

No reason to “drop a stitch” or get discouraged because Torrington Yarn Bomb is on its way due to the genius of Judy McElhone and Noel Croce of Five Points Gallery and Ginger Balch from In Sheep’s Clothing. They very enthusiastically tell me that: “The Sky’s the Limit”, “It’s Fun for all Ages” and the “Possibilities are Limitless”.

If the message has “slipped” your desk, here is some information that will help you consider becoming a yarn bomber. Incidentally, I am told that one does not need to be an experienced “knitter” so there is hope for all
​of us.

Yarn Bombing is a temporary street art project where yarn in any form (knit, crochet, latch, hook, cross stitch, braided or wrapped) is attached to an object in a public place.

This unique collaborative is a Five Points Gallery Public Art Project supported by the Northwest Connecticut Arts Council in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, the Community Foundation of Northwest Connecticut, CVS Health Foundation, Universal Yarn and VLC Images. Main partners include the City of Torrington, In Sheep’s Clothing, KidsPlay, VLC Images and the Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce.

Locations that are determined by participants will suddenly show up creatively and colorfully decorated on June 11 throughout Historic Downtown Torrington and remain for thousands to view through September. There may be a “snarl” or two due to the visitors but the “rows” of people visiting will help our businesses.
Residents from Litchfield County and beyond are invited to “darn and yarn”. All ages, genders and ability levels can “knit and pearl” as an individual or team. “Knitters” can be children, senior citizen, businesses, community groups, civic organizations, public and private schools, colleges, social services agencies, church groups and municipal employees.

Participants can “cast on” by registering with on the Yarn Bomb page. You also need to select your Yarn Bomb site.

No one will consider you a “pin head” if you have questions, so contact the gallery at 860-618-7222 for “yards” of “patterns.”

Information that will focus on yarn bombing for selection of sites as well as creative ideas require your “nimble” response by attending fun, helpful sessions to get you to the “running stitch.” Lampposts, statues and trees are still available so “gauge” your valuable time, “thread your needle” and “knit-a-row”.

This Yarn Bomb is the talk of the region. Keep in mind that your participation is vital to the success of the Torrington Yarn Bomb. I hope you now will have your eye on the “needle” and “block” some time to get involved. You surely will not be “on the wrong side that won’t show.”

JoAnn Ryan is President of the NW CT Chamber of Commerce. You can reach her by email: of phone: 860-482-6586