Mothers and Children from Around the World & Faces from Afar

Nancy Schuler

Annex Gallery | April 27 – May 10, 2021

Nancy Schuler has been a painter her whole life. Having studied trompe l’oeil at Paier College, she had a trompe l’oeil painting exhibited at the New Britain Museum of American Art juried show. Recently because of her travels to India, China, Kenya and volunteerism in Tanzania, she has transitioned to photography. Her exhibit, “Mothers and Children from Around the World” and “Faces from Afar” includes mostly black and white photos. She is also including her oil paintings.

Nancy is also an award-winning playwright. As an actress, Nancy can be seen in numerous print and video ads, two music videos, TV shows and recently a full-length motion picture. She continues to act in stage productions.
She has taught art, K through 8, at St. Margaret School, acting and writing classes at Osher Life Long Living Institute and continues to teach an exercise class for seniors.

Studied at Paier College, Hamden, CT
Studied acting at the Herbert Bergoff Studio, NYC
Studied acting at the Barrow Group, NYC