Oranges 1. Oil on zinc, 22in. x 20in.


DECEMBER 6, 2019 - JANUARY 18, 2020

The first series - Deconstructing Kandinsky. The Kandinsky series came about because of my teaching the effects of diagonal lines in my design classes, always using Kandinsky’s Composition VIII as one example. To understand his piece better, I decided to draw it for myself, leaving out the color except the color of the background, focusing on the lines. Then I did blowups of areas of the painting, this time using color. Then I isolated the circles in the composition, using their particular colors but rounding them to the illusion of three dimensionality (buttons). Finally, given the pictographs in Kandinsky’s work as well as the the ideas he expressed in his writings, I looked for a Russian artist who was making paintings of turbulent seas, but in a more standard representational way, and found Aivazofsky, a painter whose work Kandinsky might actually have seen. These works comprise my Deconstructing Kandinsky series, which I may add to. The second series - Study of Water and Light. There are two paintings on metal, both a small glass of ice on a window sill in my studio, the glass very enlarged. Curiosity prompted me. I was interested in exploration, not illusionism. After finishing the paintings I decided to do blowups of the first study, another move closer to and enlargement of the image. The four parts were a pixillated demonstration - to me- of the visual morphology of a glass of ice and what’s around it. I will add to this series. The third series is Paul Bowles Territory Inspired by a trip fo Marrakech. Do color and ancient patterns reveal or conceal? I am always interested in levels of representation. How does size or proximity affect an image? What is abstract and what becomes abstract? What becomes stylized? What about an image of something already stylized or abstracted? How do images work? All my work considers those questions.