Burning Bush. Plastic fencing, 68in. x 58in. x 63in.


JANUARY 31 - MARCH 7, 2020

Joseph Fucigna is a multi-media artist whose work is rooted in process, play and the innate qualities of the materials used. Through experimentation, play and innovation he creates sculptures, paintings and drawings that are known for their power to transform materials, inventiveness and odd but suggestive subject matter. The ultimate goal is to create an artwork that is a perfect balance between suggestive content and the formal qualities of the materials that allow both to be active participants. With his sculptures he enjoys taking modest industrial materials and transforming them into elegant yet provocative abstractions that speak about the inherent qualities of the material, process, and craft. At first the process creates the product. The inspiration for a series usually begins with the discovery of a common industrial material. It could be the soft bends and folds of recycled scrap steeI, the sensual shape of a sliced open rubber truck tire inner tube, the vibrant colors of plastic barrier fencing or soft dripping and flowing qualities of silicone putty that spark a series. Through play, trial and error, and vision Fucigna alters the materials into new and unexpected formal abstractions that speak about the materials intrinsic characteristics. As the work progresses and he gains a deeper understanding of a medium and its processes, Fucigna tries to move beyond the physical and formal characteristics. He does not want the sculptures to be just about the material, they also need to have an underlying theme or concept that carries it beyond the superficial. Creating an object of possibilities that balances suggestive content and the formal qualities of the material is the ultimate goal.