Megan Cascella | Dana Lofnik | Isabella Saraceni

Annex Gallery | April 15 – April 25, 2021

 Emerging Connecticut artists Megan Cascella, Dana Lofink, and Isabella Saraceni embrace the ways in which their work explores the stillness of the past year. The featured works observe themes of accumulation, space, and the entertainment of our fixations.

Instagram: @mcasart_
Bio for Megan: 
An emerging artist and printmaker from Connecticut, Megan Cascella graduated from the University of Connecticut’s School of Fine Arts in 2019, and has since worked at both the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop in New York City, NY and the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, CT. She works mainly in print, and even her works outside of print still follow strict rules of process & the creation of matrices that become tools for image making. 
Statement for Megan: 
My process focuses on the creation of objects in space that can be translated into works on paper in various ways. It becomes an obsessive fixation & vigorous research in how certain sculptural forms present opportunities to become drawing tools. Each translation allows for new ways to experience the same subject, and for different elements of that subject to be emphasized and appreciated.

Instagram: @day_lof
Bio for Dana:
Dana Lofink is an artist living and working in Connecticut. She graduated from the Hartford Art School with a BFA in Ceramics in 2018. Her residency at the Guilford Art Center came to a close in 2019, and she now creates out of her studio in Newtown.Though her chosen medium is clay, she sometimes explores a two-dimensional realm in mixed-media pieces incorporating elements of drawing, painting, and collage.
Statement for Dana:
My studio practice is driven by my fascination with multiples, accumulations, and arrangements. Through my process I seek to find the wonder and beauty in the smallest of details, and so often address scale and physical space in my work. The pieces, both sculptures and works on paper, strike a balance between lively and quiet, bold and soft, colorful and muted.


Isabella Saraceni is an emerging artist working across multiple disciplines such as painting, drawing, mixed media and sculpture.  She holds a BFA in Painting from the University of Connecticut and has exhibited her work in several Connecticut galleries including Nancy Marine Studio Gallery in Torrington and VAIS Gallery in Storrs.  She has spent time studying in Florence Italy and has received a variety of awards including the University of Connecticut IDEA Grant and the Gloriana Gill award. 


My recent work focuses on time, memory, and environment.  I am conscious of my effort to look towards the currents and layers of complex inner landscapes which I explore using color  and texture as metaphor for what is known and unknown.  To me, painting is both additive and subtractive, allowing for the discovery of gestures and unexpected compositions. Through a series of processes involving painting, collaging, and sanding, sometimes to the point of puncturing the surface, the process reveals a history of marks which I recognize as as familiar figures or precarious, fragmented environments.  I strive to remain open to unexpected connections in the work, reflecting my way of moving through the world.