L.G. Talbot

East Gallery | May 28 – June 26, 2021


My work has changed dramatically since the beginning of the pandemic. In years past I would start by sketching with charcoal on the canvas. I would pace the room drawing, erasing and restarting. This was my process. My older work was often outlined by thick black oil bars- borders prominent. As the lock down continued my work changed. No more charcoal. No more pacing. The black outlines faded.

Now I work with palette knives and quickly paint images on the canvas. I keep 4-5 canvases open working them simultaneously- impatient for the oil to dry. Things progress and images easily surface in the canvas. I layer more paint and create more texture. My colors changed. The primary colors of my previous work faded into my new palette. I mix the pigment, layer and thin out the paint with turpentine. This is my evolution-Borders gone, Colors blended. My every day is charged and intoxicating.

The images are bold. My work is energy and expression. The studio is where I feel confident and secure. These images are five feet plus. The freedom of a large, empty canvas is exhilarating.