Gradually, Then Suddenly


West Gallery  |  November 12 – December 19, 2021

Sponsored by: T&M Building Co. Inc. | Torrington Downtown Partners

Artist Statement:
The meaning of my art arises out of the process of making it. The body of work presented here reflects my endless fascination with color, texture, composition and to a degree, repetition. The work becomes what it needs to be and it evolves moment by moment. My subconscious expresses my life experiences and how I cope with them, resulting in work that demonstrates control and chaos, lines and abstractions.
Imagination is the core of my work. I absorb and process what I might wish to create. A dialogue takes place between my mind, my painting and the surface of my work. It’s a conversation that incorporates a need for control and how I physically immerse myself into its creation. What I return to is order and chaos, precision and lack of control. I see everything as an adventure of line, color and pushing the space between painting, surface and creating an immersive visual experience.

Born in New York City into an artistic family—she’s the daughter of the Broadway actress and dancer Bambi Linn— Jennifer was surrounded from an early age by diverse creative talents and inspired by the stimulation of museum- and theatergoing.  Today, she resides in Litchfield, CT where she keeps her studio and workshop, just a short distance from the city that provided her early artistic attraction and inspiration.

Jennifer has honed her artistic style across years of experimentation with color, pigment, materials and structure. She is an abstract contemporary artist and colorist, most focused on color and texture, and the story they reveal: a journey of expression that’s taken her quite far from the highly technical pen-and-ink renderings she worked on as a young artist in her teens.

Among Jennifer’s signature works are her vibrant “drips” or color streams, which in a gravity-driven process integrate line after line, layer after layer of different hues into evocative striped canvases that are rich, vibrant and undeniably textural.  This same commanding play of color and texture evolves dramatically in her abstract landscapes and mosaic creations as well.  Always drawing the viewer into a world of surprising world of light, color, texture and unexpected elements.