Daniel Baird-Miller, Christian Crowley, Casandra Cyr, Kyrsten Lane, 

Ethan Newman, Sydney Samele & Megan Victoria


West & TDP Galleries – July 21 – August 26, 2023

Opening Reception: Friday, July 21, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

In-person Artist Talk: Friday, August 18, 6:30 PM


Artist Statement

When you left, You took something important that was mine. I swear it was important, but I can’t remember what it was. Now all I have left are memories that are slowly deteriorating. I seek answers but rarely find anything at all.

I work in layers, I make images with old cameras and film. I take the film and scan it, admire it, and throw it back into my computer to create a digital negative on acetate. I take that negative and print it in the studio with cyanotype chemistry, painting the image like a haphazard chef.

With this work, I’ve begun to explore my posthumous relationship with my father, and all the baggage that comes with family. Ironically enough, my day job sends me off throughout the country, and I often try to take as little baggage as possible.

Artist Statement

I am a vessel for creativity. I don’t like half-measures. I do not want art to be a part of my life… but my life to be a part of art.

Artist Statement

When do I become human if I’m constantly policing myself to fit within the performance of societal expectations? Why do I find agony within the pull of strings if the hands in control were never going to cut me down anyways?

My work serves as anti-government propaganda, exaggerating pre-existing conditions of the system we were born into and examining our external and internal surveillance. I’m interested in displays of control through power and the way a tilt of the hand can impact us down the corporate and social chains. So often those who hold the leash let their heads get away from themselves, so I’ve conjured a world where long-neck men roam as pillars of militarized force. Through this lens, I navigate my own relationship between nihilism and existentialism and where we fall through the cracks.

How can we tell we were ever really human at all?

Artist Statement

In my work, I explore the profound emotional experiences that shape human existence. I recognize how our world exists in patterns—relationships are found between the modern, ancient, manmade, and natural.

I use bold, saturated colors, lines, and brush strokes to emphasize the forms I create. Certain colors possess a quality that can command attention or divert the gaze while flat lines can create sculptural illusions.


Hi my name is Ethan Newman (b.1990) and I’m a visual artist and musician from Connecticut. I received my BFA from Hartford Art School in 2018 where I studied painting and art history. While at Hartford I was awarded multiple scholarships for my work, and was the recipient of the 2018 Rudolph F. Zallinger Excellence in Painting Award. My work is highly expressive, and at times oscillates between figuration and abstraction. The mediums I predominantly work with are oil paint, acrylic, and collage. What draws me to making art again and again is the freedom involved in creating, and the process of discovery. There's an element of surprise to painting that I find endlessly fascinating. There’s just something about watching the unexpected emerge before your eyes.

Artist Statement

I am a printmaker and illustrator based in Connecticut. I graduated from the University of Hartford with a BFA in 2021. Obsessed with mark-making, ink, and process-intensive practices, I experiment with various printmaking techniques. However, I primarily work in relief, carving linocuts and woodcuts.

My art explores transformation through water. In my work, I discuss stories in which water plays a dominant role in forms such as flood mythology. The importance of mythology is not always clear, but these stories are rich in history, culture, and perspective. I dove into this realm of myth because stories of water consistently reappear in cultures all over the world. The flood of Utnapishtim, Noah’s Ark, and Nu Wa’s story are just a few myths I've explored.

My most recent work explores the story of the Golden Gate from China, which follows the story of a Koi Fish who decides to climb a waterfall. For 100 years the Koi fights his way up the waterfall, overcoming the many challenges. At one point, the deities begin to toy with the carp, stretching the top of the waterfall all the way to the heavens. Steadfast in its determination to achieve its goal, the koi perseveres. Upon reaching the top of the falls, the deities are amazed and they transform the koi fish into the first golden dragon.

Artist Statement

My ongoing Extraterrestrial Series of artworks is made with oil paint on a solid color ground. I make graphite drawings of the composition, then transfer a simplified version of the drawing onto the painting surface. I Then make an oil painting, based on the initial drawing. I am inspired by nature, plants, fungi, and human, and animal anatomy, which I use to create characters and scenes that the viewer may use to create their own narratives and stories. The “aliens” are a composite of multiple reference images used to create a dynamic and believable figure that teeters between real and fantastical.