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The Botanical Tyranny Dollhouse- Jane Rainwater

Five Points Gallery 33 Main Street, Torrington, CT

Jane Rainwater Artist’s statement: My work is beautiful and ugly. People are often attracted to the aesthetics of an image or object that stimulates desire. Decorative objects are collected and exhibited in the home as status symbols of affluence and refinement. My work engages the viewer with its seemingly innocent decorative delight; yet upon closer […]


Five Points Gallery 33 Main Street, Torrington, CT

“…this ever-evolving diversity challenges the idea of a single dominant vision of the American identity, encouraging Americans to embrace inclusion and pluralism.” – Ellis Island Museum.     “The New Americans” is a physical display of heritage, genealogy, and homeland. My paternal relatives fled to America in the 1930s from Frankfurt, Germany. I was brought […]


Five Points Gallery 33 Main Street, Torrington, CT

John Keefer’s paintings are large, dramatic, and beautifully rendered metaphoric representations of the artist’s inner turmoil with the current social and political affairs from around the world.  Keefer pessimistically states, “My paintings are me being dragged kicking and screaming into a meaningless present.” The paintings depict overwhelming distress, as ships on open seas erupt in […]