Torrington Yarn Bomb

A Public Arts Project – 2016

In June of 2016, Five Points Gallery brought the world-wide phenomenon of Yarn Bombing to downtown Torrington! From Houston to China, men, women and children create vibrant street art with yarn. It is funny, creative and community building at its best.

Yarn bombing is a form of temporary street art where yarn in any form (knit, crochet, latch hook, cross stitch, braided, wrapped) is attached to an object in a public space.

Yarn bombing exploded after a few obsessive knitters from Houston stared at their yarn scraps and decided their work was not yet finished.  What started as a single cry of “Painted Cows Out, Yarn Bombs In!” took hold.  Soon, post boxes to bridges, nothing escaped these colorful sweaters of wool.   

In a single day, teams of volunteers transformed Torrington into a giant exhibit of creative crafts, the city’s collective effort to adorn major landmarks and streets with contributed yarn creations, ranging from afghans and scarves to bouquets of knitted and crocheted flowers, animals and other objects in every color imaginable.

The yarn bomb transformed downtown Torrington into a showcase of color, creativity and community collaboration. More than 500 people, ages 2 – 102, actively participated in the creation and installation of yarn based public art. Over 200 sites drew residents and visitors alike to downtown Torrington to view the art and patronize our local businesses.