Sydney Morris

TDP Gallery | October 1 – November 6, 2021

Each night the sun slowly sets and the night sky is illuminated with the dim flicker of stars, almost as if guiding us to answer our most pressing questions. Much like this body of work, stars aren’t forever. A nova is a star which shows a sudden large increase in brightness which then slowly returns to its original state. The ethereal glow we gaze upon is fleeting. This series explores the parallel, perspective, and cycles of human life and the vast unknown.

Utilizing photographic chemistry as a medium and a variety of methods to apply them, these pieces are unique in the fact that they are everchanging. Much like a nova, their colors may change, be- come brighter, or slowly fade over time. The forms created in these pieces mirror celestial events through photographic alchemy to produce fluid, saturated pieces infused with meaning.

Sydney Morris Resume