Hammer And Tongs

HAMMER AND TONGS Jaclyn Conley Five Points Gallery | November 16-December 21, 2012 “Hammer and Tongs”, oil on canvas, 30″ x 26″, 2012 “The Wrestlers”, oil on canvas, 30″ x […]

Feminine Nature

FEMININE NATURE September 14 – October 19, 2012 Susan Bradley Ann Devine Jenni Freidman Kathi Packer Patricia Weise At the heart of my current work is Apis mellifica, the honeybee […]

Infinite Connections

INFINITE CONNECTIONS August 16 – September 7, 2012 Power Boothe Harriet G. Caldwell Jennifer Knaus Victoria Jutras Kniering Power Boothe is an artist who has had 18 one-person exhibitions in […]

Emerging Artists

EMERGING ARTISTS July 19 – August 10, 2012 Karri Chapman Painting for me is a way of slowing down life a little bit, and allowing myself the time to relax. […]